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Career: There are ways to get your stalled job search moving

Make a plan, get organized and keep a positive attitude BY LENROY JONES Contributing columnist A stalled job search is frustrating. Job hunting does take time and typically is stressful. You often hear from people who say that they lack time and have other difficulties that hinder the job search process. However, focusing on lack … Continue Reading

Peggy Presents on Leadership at Presentation Academy High School

Recently, Peggy Noe Stevens presented her popular new program, FYI (Finding Your Impact), to the ladies in the Junior class at Presentation Academy High School. The ladies really seemed to gain a lot out of having Peggy speak on leadership skills as indicated in their beautiful letters of thanks.  Some of the quotes included the … Continue Reading

Are You at a Crossroads in Your Career?

by Peggy Noe Stevens Have you ever found yourself meeting a friend for lunch or happy hour and realize you have spent most of your time complaining about your job or boss?  Do those venting sessions ever result in an actionable solution?   Many of my clients are at a different point in their careers and … Continue Reading

Peggy’s Tip of the Week: E-Mail Etiquette

I talk a lot about online image etiquette.  Something you can do on a daily basis to manage your professional image is to be aware of the way you come across over e-mail.  Here are some e-mail etiquette tips that can help:

Peggy’s Tip of the Week: How to Properly Shake Hands

Peggy's Video on Proper Way to Shake Hands

You often hear that a handshake says a lot about a person.  So how does your handshake measure up?  In this video, Peggy shows us how to deliver a proper business handshake:

11 Rules to Improve Your Mingling:

Small talk breaks the ice Be well-informed Focus on the other person Don’t interrupt Do listen Think before you speak Always close a conversation before walking away Avoid discussing health or diet habits Avoid discussing money Avoid gossip and off color jokes Avoid controversial issues

Peggy’s Tip of the Week: Successful Networking

While it is an important skill in the professional environment and a crucial element of your personal brand, people are often overwhelmed by networking. Successful networking, however, can lead to a new job, a promotion or more sales.  It’s all about feeling comfortable. Peggy provides invaluable tips that can make you better at networking. … Continue Reading

Professional Etiquette Tips by Peggy – Videos!

You asked and we delivered!  Announcing our latest: Video “Tips” from the professional etiquette expert, Peggy Noe Stevens.  Each week we will be featuring tips and demos on everything from the proper, professional handshake to what your body language is saying about you, to networking at events.  Stay tuned for your weekly lesson or see … Continue Reading

Peggy’s Tip of the Week: How to calm your nerves

Whether you’re nervous about entering a room full of people you don’t know or you’re about to give a speech, what do you do to calm your nerves?   Just like athletes get shallow breathing before an event, so do business professionals.  Use this simple technique to calm yourself and refocus your energy: Breathe in … Continue Reading

What Makes a Corporate Superstar? STAMINA!

I have long been intrigued by the parallel I feel exists between corporate superstars and superstar athletes.  In fact, we often see former athletes and even ex-military go on to have very successful careers in the corporate world, so it’s safe to say that the two share commonalities.  I think the most important thing is … Continue Reading


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