Bourbon Education With a Twist

PNSA offers one-of-a-kind and highly interactive bourbon seminars and presentations for all levels of knowledge, inspired and informed by decades of experience and a lifelong passion. Through innovative edutainment, PNSA engages its audiences in the unique world of bourbon, offering everything from food pairings and industry insights to trend forecasts and hands-on analysis.  Our bourbon-specific seminars include Bourbon in the Bluegrass; Custom Bourbon Tastings and Food Pairings;  Industry Insights; Guided Flavor Analyses; and Entertaining and Bourbon.


Peggy’s Palate

With more than 30 years of industry experience and the title of World’s First Female Master Bourbon Taster, Peggy Noe Stevens is a highly sought-after expert in the bourbon field. She designs educational experiences, is an expert in food and spirits pairings, and private selection programs. Peggy serves as a hands-on guide to the industry, appearing frequently on expert panels and as a tasting judge for industry organizations, including the American Distilling Institute. In her “spare time”, Peggy is a contributing writer and Master Taster Reviewer for Bourbon+ and American Whiskey Magazines. Peggy was inducted into the prestigious Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame by the Kentucky Distillers Association in 2019.

“Stir up” your next meeting or event with a Bourbon tasting!

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