Kentucky Peerless

Posted on April 8, 2019

“A cohesive retail environment with something for everyone.”

Kentucky Peerless Distillery in the Portland neighborhood of Louisville, has deep roots in Kentucky. The brand was started in Henderson in the 1880s by Henry Karver.   Like most other distilleries of its time, it fell victim to prohibition. In 2015, nearly 100 years after closing, Corky and Carson Taylor, have revived the family distilling business by re-opening Peerless Distillery.

The family knew a great deal about distilling and historic preservation. They turned to PNSA for guidance on the path consumers should take within the facility and the creation of the retail experience.   The Taylor family knew they would be opening the distillery selling Lucky Kentucky Moonshine, a fun and youthful brand while still wanting to begin the process of establishing brand recognition for Kentucky Peerless.

PNSA put together a full portfolio of merchandise to represent those two very different brand identities, while also keeping in mind the demographics of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and Louisville tourists most likely to visit the distillery. We also selected all fixtures and props, re-purposing many items found in the storage areas of the old building as well other industrial pieces. PNSA went to buying shows, established relationships with many new vendors and eventually developed and placed the open-to-buy inventory. We then set the store in preparation for the grand opening.

The store opened to rave reviews from visitors. PNSA is continuing the retail consultation relationship with the Peerless team helping them with additional purchases, store flips and other needs.

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