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Products and industries continually develop and refine their brands to strengthen relationships with customers. PNSA employs similar principles and disciplines to successfully lead business professionals on the journey of discovering and building a personal brand. Whether delivered to a group audience or as one-on-one consultations, our development workshops give attendees insights and skills so that they are more successful and happy in their careers.

The 4 P’s


The guidelines for behavior in social and business settings. Knowing and following these guidelines allows you to ‘think before you act’ and effectively display your personal brand.


The impact of appearance and your personal life on your brand. Every social interaction impacts other's perceptions of you. Being self-aware helps create the right impression and manage other’s perceptions of your "brand."


How to effectively deliver your message, whether in a small meeting or delivering a presentation.


Relationships and how you interact with others, and the impact that behavior has on your success. The ability to work well with others is essential (even if you don’t personally like someone).

Keynotes, Seminars and Workshops

Professional Development
Professional Development

PNSA offers presentations and workshops, both in-person and online, covering a spectrum of Professional Success topics.  Each can be customized to meet your specific objectives.   Our portfolio includes:

  • Career Growth: Professional Presence; Networking Skills; Architecture of a Leader; Professional Image; Building Your Brand; Architecture of Style; Business Athlete
  • Corporate Culture: Business Etiquette & Protocol; Presentation Skills; Your Company’s Brand (Through Your Customer’s Eyes); Dealing with the Workplace Bully
  •  NEW FOR 2020 Womenar Series: designed to empower and support women at all levels in today’s workplace. Topics include 12 Traits of Powerful Women; Bouncing Back & Moving Forward; Relevance in the Workplace; Building Brand Y-O-U and Work Life Purpose.


Peggy Noe Stevens and Associates has decades of experience in personal, professional and experiential branding. We specialize in hospitality, spirts, beverages, and tourism and have worked with both national and international clients. In addition, Peggy holds certifications as a Protocol and Etiquette Instructor and Image Consultant; is a Master Bourbon Taster; the Entertaining editor for Bourbon + magazine; and a whiskey reviewer and writer for American Whiskey magazine. In 2019 Peggy was inducted into the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame by the Kentucky Distillers Association.

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