Jim Beam Urban Stillhouse

Posted on April 15, 2019

“Brand essence contemporized in an urban setting”

How do you build a second destination in the same state as the official brand heritage center so the two complement each other, yet each have their own distinct personalities? That was the challenge given to PNSA and the team that developed and launched Beam’s newest visitor experience, the Urban Stillhouse. The American Stillhouse, in Clermont, Kentucky where Beam and its entire family of brands is made, is seen by many brand lovers as “mecca.” Acknowledging the rapid addition of new bourbon brand destinations in Louisville, the brand team decided to add a second visitor experience a mere 30 minutes from Clermont. Louisville is a significant convention city and seen by many as the “launching pad” for the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. The challenge put before us was to create a distinct visitor experience in downtown Louisville that was unique to all other experiences in the area, exemplified the contemporary elements of the Beam family of brands and served as a catalyst for visitors to make the pilgrimage to the American Stillhouse.

PNSA was involved from the beginning stages of concept design and remained engaged in various aspects of the project including training the entire staff on critical hospitality and customer service skills and completely setting the retail store in the days leading up to the September 2015 grand opening.

The Urban Stillhouse has been very well received by convention goers, locals and those making their way along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

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