Louisville Water Tower

Posted on April 12, 2019

“Leveraging a brand landmark to a consumer destination”

The original pumping station and water tower have been iconic landmarks in Louisville for over 150 years. The water tower building, designed in the Classical Revival style to resemble a two-story temple with wings on either side was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1971. For many years, the Louisville Water Company leased the event space to another organization to manage. Overtime it fell into disrepair and was greatly underutilized. Recognizing the significance of this building to the city, The Louisville Water Company chose to take the space back over and subsequently took on a painstaking renovation process to return the building to its original glory. They also added the Waterworks Museum as well as an updated kitchen, restrooms and offices.

As The Louisville Water Company prepared to re-open the facility to the public, they asked PNSA to step in and assist with a number of operational issues. We created standard operating procedures for the building, consulted on staff duties and job descriptions, helped management with plans for marketing, booking and executing weddings and other social events, assisted with the initial retail inventory purchase and many other projects. The facility officially re-opened in 2014 and is now being enjoyed by thousands of guests each month from school groups to elegant social events.

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