Peggy’s Tip of the Week: 8 Tips for Making Your Office Space Work

Posted on October 20, 2019

Time to Spring Clean Your Office Space

1. Initial appearance – What is the “first impression” your office gives? Is it neat and professional?  Who in your company has a great office?  What can you do to emulate that space?

2. Furniture & Accessories – Is all the furniture in your office in as good a condition as possible?  If not, see if repairs or replacements can be made.  If your space permits, add a nice side table or lamp to make the space seem more finished.

3. Clutter – Are there stacks of paper, folders, and publications lying around?  In today’s electronic world there is simply no need for a lot of paper.  Try to minimize the amount of it in your office. What you do need should be in neat files/bins and kept only as long as necessary. If this is a challenge for you, block out a date on your calendar once a month/quarter to purge unnecessary paperwork.

4. Personal items – Keep these to a minimum.  The message you want to convey is that you are at work to WORK, not to promote your favorite activity or team. If you do have some personal items/family photos, etc. they should be well framed, neatly displayed and not be the focal point of your desk.

5. Awards – Only display awards that are relevant to your current (or future) job.  Outdated awards send the message that you are hanging on to past accomplishments rather than looking toward your next move up.  Do not display awards that are not work related

6. Music – If you need background music make sure it is kept at a very low level to not disturb your neighbors and turn it off if anyone comes to your office as it may be a distraction to conversation.

7. Odor – Work spaces without windows or good ventilation can become stale.  Make sure you discard food containers away from your office and that you don’t keep items like your gym bag in your office.  If necessary, use a non-scented/odor neutralizing spray, but very sparingly so it is not offensive to others.

8. Your car – Your car is often a part of where you work.  It should be clean and well kept inside and out at all times.  If you have to keep your kids’ soccer gear in the car, use the trunk!  Remove food bags and cups as soon as possible to avoid odors and spills.

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