“Dressy Casual”? Dress codes explained…

Posted on September 16, 2015


When you send out an invitation it is appropriate to let your guests know the attire.  These directions can be helpful, but what exactly do they all mean?  Here are a few rules to keep it all straight:

Image courtesy of http://shortgirlsguidetofashion.tumblr.com/

Image courtesy of http://shortgirlsguidetofashion.tumblr.com/












White Tie or Ultra Formal 
Men – Full tuxedo including vest and white tie
Women – Long dress or dressy evening separates

Black Tie or Formal 
Men – Tuxedo
Women – Cocktail, long dress or dressy separates

Black Tie Optional or Black Tie Invited 
Men – Tuxedo or dark suit
Women – Cocktail, long dress or dressy separates

Creative Black Tie
Men – Modern twist on tuxedo such as a dark shirt with no tie
Women – Cocktail, long dress or dressy separates

Semi Formal or Business Formal
Men – Dark Suit for evening, Dark or light suit for daytime
Women – Tailored dressy suit or dress

Cocktail Attire 
Men – Dark Suit
Women – Short, elegant dress

Dressy Casual 
Men – Trousers and sports coat
Women – Dressy pants and sweater or jacket

Business Casual or Smart Business Casual 
Men – Collared shirt (long-sleeved buttoned shirt without a tie or nice golf shirt); dress pants or pressed cotton trousers (khakis); coordinating leather belt and shoes (loafers) and dark socks;
Women – Tailored shirt/blouse, sweater/sweater set or nice golf shirt; well-fitting, crisp pants or skirt (preferably solid, neutral color) (skirts no shorter than just above the knee); closed-toe leather or fabric shoes with a reasonable heel height (no chunky or platform); hose is not a requirement but suggested if skirts are knee length as opposed to longer; accessories and purse should be fairly simple and conservative


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