Posted on April 29, 2020

Obstacles and setbacks are always going to happen, particularly in the workplace.  The real challenge is not preventing or avoiding problems but managing through them without losing your self-confidence.  That’s the concept of ReZEALience.  It’s all about helping you keep negative emotions in check while maintaining a positive and energetic future focus.

  1. Celebrate the Wins – Acknowledging a job well done should be required business behavior.  Whether you manage a department or are self-employed, always take time to recognize and share success.  Instead of spending countless hours rehashing problems, put that time to better use by paying attention to your wins – what worked well and why.  Then repurpose those valuable learnings to foster innovative thinking for future initiatives.
  2. You Can’t Move Forward if You Keep Looking Back – A personal or professional setback can truly test our emotional strength.   We replay scenarios over and over, searching for an ‘a ha’ moment that we think would have changed the outcome.  Don’t allow yourself to be ‘stuck in reverse’.  It prevents you from focusing on needs and opportunities that could make a significant impact on your personal and professional life.
  3. Perspective is Power – Your perspective on a difficult situation determines your problem-solving approach.  For example, how do you look at the CoVid 19 virus?  Do you see it as an opportunity to expand your online capabilities or as an obstacle to how you have always conducted business?   That perspective will greatly influence your ability to brainstorm creative solutions based on “what if” rather than “why not”.
  4. Get Your Gut – “I should have trusted my gut” could be the motto for millions in the workforce.  It may sound like a cliché but science shows there is a physical connection between your brain and your gut.  As you are thinking about business issues and possible solutions, take some deep breaths and pay attention to your lower abdomen.  Is it behaving anxiously or in support of your thoughts?  Its reaction is a good signal for how to move forward.
  5. Remember to Laugh – The ability to laugh when facing adversity is a true sign of reZEALiance at work.  Of course, serious times require serious behavior.  However, finding moments of levity where you can smile, chuckle or even enjoy a big belly laugh function like personal ‘reboot’ keys.  Your body responds by relaxing and your brain starts to see beyond the crisis at hand.  The resulting physical and mental clarity will help propel you forward.


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