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Peggy’s Tip of the Week: 5 Tips to Make a Great First Impression…

5 Tips to Ensure You Make a Great First Impression: 1. Maintain your Poise – Projecting a poised, reassuring image is easily learned but quickly lost. Poise, defined by Merriam-Webster as “an easy self-possessed assurance of manner,” is the essence of putting individuals at ease when they are in your company. Poise comes from being authentic … Continue Reading

The Best Gift for College Graduates: Personal Branding Advice

Business Leaders , Business Review USA The Best Gift for College Graduates: Personal Branding Advice Author and image expert Peggy Noe Stevens shares her P4s–keys to personal branding that can help catapult the careers of recent grads and enhance established business connections 10 May 2012 Sharise Cruz Written by Peggy Noe Stevens As my son nears … Continue Reading

Barnes & Noble to Host Peggy’s Book Signing Event…

Thursday, June 7, 2012 from 6 – 8:00 p.m., Peggy will be at the Barnes & Noble at 4100 Summit Plaza Drive, Louisville, KY 40241.  She will be there to talk about and sign her new book, Professional Presence: A Four-Part Guide to Building Your Personal Brand.  We hope to see you there!

Morels, Wild Fennel, and The Future of Food Writing

AUTHOR: Marvin@iPodder May 16th, 2012 In this Good Food episode hosted by Evan Kleiman, the topic is about  the future of food writing plus a discussion with Jonathan Gold, chefs Shannon  Swindle, John Keenan and Holden Burkons, Peggy Noe Stevens and more. Listen to the podcast by clicking on the image.   Read more:

The Proper Handshake

Delivering a proper handshake is harder than you might think.  I give countless presentations where I speak on professional skills.  I usually feel I have to encourage my female attendees to give a firmer, more deliberate handshake, however, I sometimes get a surprising reaction from men on this topic.  I often have male attendees that … Continue Reading

Peggy’s Interview with Scott Busboom…

Peggy talks about the Kentucky Derby, Bourbon, Professional Etiquette and her new book with Scott Busboom…      

Peggy on Fox WDRB 41

Move Up in the Business World with Peggy Noe Stevens’s four-Part Success Plan: It’s not a guarantee that you’ll land a job right out of college anymore. There’s  still a lot of competition for any open position. But Peggy Stevens has a simple plan that will automatically increase your chances of nabbing that opening. Her … Continue Reading

Networking: 5 Goals You Can Set Before an Event

There are so many excuses people make for why they don’t like to network or they just don’t do it at all: “I don’t like the idea of schmoozing at events” or “I feel a bit uncomfortable talking to strangers”. Whether we like it or not, we network in our everyday life, so managing the impression we … Continue Reading


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