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Social Networking Sites – Recruiters Are Watching You…!!!

Recently, my 17-year-old son began filling out his college applications.  Immediately upon submission to his first choice, he was sent a “friend request” from that institution.  Well, there are a lot of things to consider.  The most important lesson for BOTH of us is to be prepared.  Your Facebook profile is a representation of YOU.  … Continue Reading

Bourbon Women Expanding to Boston and Beyond… Posted April 19, 2012 Kentucky native Peggy Noe Stevens is trying to launch a Boston chapter of  Bourbon Women, reports the Boston Globe.   Noe’s career began in the hotel industry then she switched to the Kentucky bourbon industry, working in distilleries and training as a master taster, leading bourbon education classes. In 2008, when … Continue Reading

Enough with the cosmos. The lady likes bourbon.

This story appeared in The Boston Globe April 19, 2012|By Liza Weisstuch Peggy Noe Stevens plans to launch a Boston chapter of Bourbon Women. Peggy Noe Stevens is on a crusade of sorts to empower women. It started in the late ’80s when Stevens, a Kentucky native, lived in Chicago. When she went out, her … Continue Reading

Spreading the Gospel – Whiskey Magazine interviews Peggy Noe Stevens

Liza Weisstuch meets one of Kentucky Bourbon’s first ladies…

What is Your Brand?

When I talk to audiences across the country, it never fails to amaze me how quickly they respond when I show slides of famous brands. Coke. Nike. Disney.  The audience members shout out descriptors, showing that they are intimately familiar with the brand and its message. As soon as I say the brand Nike, a … Continue Reading

Hot off the press…!

Professional Presence: A Four-Step Guide to Building Your Personal Brand

Now available for purchase, Peggy Noe Stevens new book, Professional Presence: A Four-Part Guide to Building Your Personal Brand Buy it now at Barnes & Noble: or on Read more about the book here.    


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