What Makes a Corporate Superstar? STAMINA!

Posted on February 13, 2013

I have long been intrigued by the parallel I feel exists between corporate superstars and superstar athletes.  In fact, we often see former athletes and even ex-military go on to have very successful careers in the corporate world, so it’s safe to say that the two share commonalities.  I think the most important thing is being at your peak all of the time and to do this you have to have Stamina.

Stamina is essential when your job calls for long meetings, hectic travel schedules, late night functions, etc. – elements that often accompany the life of a business professional.    It’s so important, in fact, that companies like The Oliver Group actually measure an employees’ stamina during their Predictive Index® (PI®) assessments.  PI® assessments are tools used by both organizations and individuals to accurately predict workplace behavior.  This means whether or not you have stamina can determine whether you’re hired, fired, or promoted.

So how do you acquire stamina?  Well, staying healthy is key.  This means eating right and making time for fitness even when you travel.

Planning is essential.  For example, if I’m flying, I will pack a lunch of healthy snacks that will help me avoid the lure of the fast food in the airport.  Things like nuts and granola bars pack a great protein punch to keep your energy level up.   Even packing your own (fancy, naturally) cheese and crackers can be fun and still healthier than airport, fast food alternatives.

Also, I like to keep my mind fresh and my body moving by taking breaks.  Maybe this means taking a brief walk.  This can be especially invigorating if you’re cooped up in a hotel conference room somewhere and you can take a few minutes to see the city.

Learn more tips on what it takes to acquire stamina and compete in the corporate world at our seminar: The Business Athlete: Conditioning Yourself for the Corporate World


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