Peggy’s Tips of the Week: Top 4 Communication Techniques to Employ in the Workplace

Posted on July 9, 2012

By Peggy Noe Stevens

1. Time management – Credible managers let everyone know where they stand regarding this vital resource; they know who has enough time to take on more duties and who is already swamped.  People often are afraid to speak up about their workload because they feel that their position could be in jeopardy if they appear to be complaining.  But if you take the right approach, the opposite can be true: You will look like a proactive and strategic thinker by being transparent to your boss about the tasks you have completed, what remains to be done in the long term, and finally what possible solutions you suggest.

2. Work roles – Communicate duties and responsibilities clearly with your colleagues. Your team members need to know their roles so they can concentrate on them.

3. Personal presence – Be in touch with your posture, your vocal quality, and your eye contact. Words must meet actions and vice versa. Use your body language effectively so your people can read you clearly, and try to read their body language.

4. Preparation – Credible leaders take as long to prepare as necessary and make it clear what preparation is required to be successful. Don’t just jump into an assigned project; as a leader, you need to obtain or develop a road map and deadlines.

Source: Professional Presence: A Four-Part Guide to Building Your Personal Brand

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