Peggy’s Tip of the Week: Give Yourself a Pat on the Back

Posted on November 14, 2012

Whether good or bad, we learn from what our clients tell us.  Be bold and ask for a review of your work if you’re not already having regular reviews with your employer.  Always ask for ways in which you can do a better job.

How others perceive you is incredibly important in the business world which is why we enjoy helping our clients cultivate their personal brands.  In a world where people expect the best and are, therefore, quick to point out faults, it’s important  to recognize both your weaknesses AND your strengths.  Use this information to improve your brand where you can and every once in a while, share your achievements so that potential clients understand what you can do for them!

It’s always nice to receive a pat on the back and we’ve taken just a minute to add to our site a couple of the testimonials that we received from a few recent speaking engagements of Peggy’s.  Thank you to Humana, ISPA (International Spa Association), and the participants of our Fall, 2012 Professional Presence and Youth Leadership programs.  Your feedback helps us grow!

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