Peggy’s Tip of the Week: 5 Techniques for Managing with Hospitality

Posted on July 16, 2012

By Peggy Noe Stevens

1. Delivering surprising service – Always know the expectations and outline your plan to achieve them. Then take a step back and ask, “What more can I deliver that is of value, above and beyond the expected? What extra effort could result in a positive response?”

2. Use peripheral vision – Always be aware of the customer, who in this case is your boss. I have expressed the importance of getting the “human read” by understanding nonverbal gestures, but exercising your peripheral vision on your surroundings is perhaps even more important. The human read may mean focusing on one individual as you speak with him or her, but using peripheral vision means still being aware of what is going on in the room around you and, in particular, people’s reactions to what you are saying—silence,laughter, and so forth.

3. Be urgent – Always rely on a sense of urgency when accomplishing a task. You want to express a sense of purpose and an understanding of the task’s significance. Whatever deadline is given to you, exceed the expectations by marking a date earlier than what was assigned. It shows pride in getting a job completed efficiently.

4. Anticipate needs – Always anticipate the needs of your boss, and stay ahead of them. Truly understanding your manager’s workload can reveal what you can do to assist him/her and give you a heads-up on suggested projects that interest you.

5. Organize your calendar – Always organize your calendar to work 30-60-90 days out. All projects require project management, or timelines. Again, understand the delivery date and then go back into the project, setting milestones and review dates so that you can stay on task.

Source: Professional Presence: A Four-Part Guide to Building Your Personal Brand


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