Holiday Party Etiquette: 3 Basics of Party Hosting

Posted on November 27, 2012

I believe etiquette is essential to building great relationships in both your personal and professional life.  It creates a level of respect for everyone and also makes you consistent when you are dealing with people.   The best form of etiquette I know is to make people feel comfortable, no matter the situation.

1. Invitations – Put the Who, What, When & Where and attire on the invitation to identify a start and end time, type of party (dinner, hors d’ouvres, etc.), so the guest can plan around meals.

2. Be a gracious host -sometimes planning parties can be stressful and you know when the host is not enjoying his/her own party.  Be aware of greeting people at the door and making them feel comfortable by letting them know where to hang their coats, make a drink, where the buffet is, etc..  Introducing people to others when they may be new in town shows great etiquette and hospitality.

3. Table settings – Don’t worry if all your china, glass and silverware do not match.  Work with what you have and just place it in the correct spot.

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