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New Year, New You: 4 Tips & Stylish Ways to Organize Your Office

Posted on January 29, 2013

Making Your Office Work

Whether you tidy up after each workday or not, your office can become a graveyard for things you don’t really need to do your job – that 2012 directory, old “to-do” lists, pens with no ink, pencils with no erasers, bills that have been paid, bills that have not been paid…you get the point.  You can’t get much done if your work space is a cluttered mess and the beginning of a new year is a great time to take inventory and reorganize this space.   Organization can be easy, affordable and even stylish – remember, your office space says a lot about you and your brand!

Here are a few tips to get you on track and back to work:

1. Clean – Emptying the wastebasket seems pretty obvious, but really take the time to go through your desk drawers and file cabinets.  You are probably saving a lot of things you don’t need making the things you do need less accessible.

2. Organize your computer – You’re most likely saving a lot of your work to your computer, so don’t forget this precious component of organization.  Go through your files and desktop.  You’ve had the year to know what you use the most and what you do not.  Organize your electronic files to reflect this.

3. Organize your desk – only keep on your desk what you need the most.  Also, refill your supplies so that things like envelopes, stamps and sticky notes –whatever you USE the most -are within arm’s reach.

4. Refresh your space – Consider what your space says about you and make sure it reflects who you are without overdoing it.  This means eliminating distractions such as crude party pictures or immature screen savers.  Keep a couple of pictures of friends or family, but make sure they’re displayed neatly in frames.

Sometimes a quick style update can energize you allow your creativity to flow.  Check out more of these professional, stylish, and affordable desk organizers:


Desk organizers from Ballard Design

Ballard Designs

Desk Organizer from Target


Stylish Desk Organizers from Sister Parish

Sister Parish Design – Desk Accessories (Hint: Stylish desk accessories make great gifts for professional friends!)


Now you’re ready to get back to work!

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