Enjoy the Party: 6 Tips on Being a Good Guest

Posted on December 12, 2012

By Peggy Noe Stevens

It’s been such a busy year and sure, the holidays can bring on added stress, but it’s important to slow down and enjoy the season! I often talk about how to be a gracious host, but it’s just as important to be a good guest. (Assuming you would like to be invited next year), here are a few tips:

1. Bring a hostess gift. Bring a small token to show appreciation for the party. It is best not to bring something that needs immediate attention from your host – like flowers that require finding a vase, adding water, arranging, and locating a place to put them.

2. Avoid “party hopping”. During the holidays you may have several parties to attend the same night. Don’t overload your schedule by only attending one party for 30 minutes then leaving. It is noticeable to the host and says their party was low priority. It is better to decline than only do a drive by. Worse is giving a “yes” to the RSVP and then “no showing” because you stayed at another party longer than planned.

3. Be conscientious. If asked to bring a dish to the party, keep it low maintenance for the host’s sake. Avoid something you may need to cook ahead of time in their oven. It is tough for a host to navigate oven time, etc.

4. Know when to go. It may be written on the invite at what time the party ends, but if you see the host diligently cleaning up and yawning, it is time to go. People can sometimes over stay their welcome.

5. Ask for permission. If you are planning to bring someone and they were not on the original guest list, ask the host in advance if this is ok. Hosts plan for the number of people that RSVP, so don’t throw them off if you bring additional guests.

6. Say “thank you”. It may seem obvious, but ALWAYS thank the host at the end of the party, or upon your departure.

7. Limit alcohol consumption. This last, but certainly not least, tip is an important one. I always advise that people certainly enjoy a drink if they like, but no more than two – especially at work functions. There is no end to examples of why this can be detrimental both to your safety and to your career! We love to hear from you, so please contact us with your etiquette questions anytime at info@peggynoestevens.com. Stay safe and have fun this holiday season!



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