Babes Who Hustle – Interview with Peggy Noe Stevens

Posted on February 19, 2019

Our team had the honor of sitting down with Peggy in Louisville, Kentucky — the bourbon capital of the world — for this interview. Huddled at a small corner table in a crowded VIP tent at Bourbon and Beyond, we chatted while snacking on charcuterie and sipping from the Bourbon Women glass she gifted us. Peggy is the world’s first female master taster, and founder of both Bourbon Women and Peggy Noe Stevens & Associates. A Louisville native, she has created a booming network of resources and community for women in bourbon to learn, grow and have their voices heard. We’re so grateful for this hustlin’ babe’s insight into business, womanhood and coloring outside of the lines.

Babe you admire and why?
Oh wow, there’s so many. I’m a professional speaker and hold seminars across the US, and Maya Angelou is the most captivating, enticing, engaging, passionate speaker I’ve ever listened to. In so many ways I try to embody some of her talent. She is very poetic, her words drip out of her mouth. She speaks with such control and slowness — every single word she says has meaning. I’m a fast talker and I need to learn to engage by sometimes slowing down. She’d be my babe.

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