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Posted on February 14, 2018

Presenting 2018 “Edutainment” Seminars by Peggy Noe Stevens

Peggy Noe Stevens presents seminars, moderates panel discussions, conducts spirits tastings and generally entertains audiences all over the world. With these popular and new seminars for 2018, she can bring her knowledge, experience and energy to your next event:

Professional Presence: A Four-Part Guide to Building Your Personal Brand

Designed after Stevens’ book, “Professional Presence: A Four-Part Guide to Building Your Personal Brand,” this session takes a comprehensive look at the importance of your personal brand, how to achieve the brand that you want and how that brand ties into your career.

12 Traits of Powerful Woman

This results-driven and interactive session will energize women at all levels of the organization to focus in on the traits that are proven to help them find greater purpose and focus in their lives, as well as success in their career.

Bourbon Tasting Like a Pro

Whether you are new to bourbon, or a seasoned enthusiast, you will enjoy an informative and entertaining overview of bourbon’s heritage, process and how to taste like a pro.

Bourbon in the Bluegrass

A customized food and bourbon pairing that will delight your senses and teach you why the many different “styles” of our amber elixir make bourbon a signature industry for Kentucky.

The Corporate Athlete: Conditioning Yourself for the Business world

Top athletes are some of the most revered figures in our culture. Their dedication, commitment and focus are often unparalleled. Whether you were a star athlete in college or simply have a true appreciation for what it takes to excel at a sport, this seminar will help you draw upon the numerous similarities between what it takes to gain success on the field, court or rink and what it takes to gain success in the boardroom.

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