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Posted on February 14, 2018

Bourbon Women Association Spreads its Spirit Throughout the Country

Before bourbon even began to boom, Bourbon Women Association (BWA) founder Peggy Noe Stevens looked around and noticed that this well-known and culturally driven product wasn’t being marketed to women and she knew that was a missed opportunity. That’s when she started BWA, the first female consumer group in the industry. And just as Stevens suspected, it has tapped into the passion women have for bourbon and the culture that surrounds it.

Since 100 attendees gathered for its inaugural event in 2011 at the Kentucky Governor’s Mansion, BWA has grown to hundreds of members across 23 states and three countries.  While it’s National headquarters remains in Louisville, BWA branches have bloomed in Indianapolis, Chicago, Cincinnati, Nashville and Washington, D.C.

Members experience premium events across the country including tastings, behind the scenes access to world famous distilleries, networking with influential members and meeting significant industry insiders.

“Our goal was always to be an independent resource for bringing women of all ages together to share our appreciation of bourbon,” says Stevens. “It’s been so exciting and overwhelming to see how far our reach has gone and just how many women delight in this historical handcrafted part of our Kentucky heritage.”

To learn more about BWA or to become a member, click here.

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