How To Get Ahead In Your Career While Working From Home

Posted on April 14, 2020 | April 14, 2020

Andie Kramer

In gendered career fields – those dominated by men and operated in accordance with masculine norms, values, and expectations – women have always had a harder time advancing than men. Women are given fewer career-enhancing opportunities and are judged more critically than men. But now that many employees are subject to stay-at-home orders, women’s career advancement difficulties are only increasing. Managers with little or no in-person contact with their subordinates – contact that can make actual talents and capacities apparent – are far more likely to have their decisions with respect to assignments and evaluations affected by implicit gender bias. Therefore, if you are a woman working from home, here are four steps you should take to assure you can continue to advance in your career despite the coronavirus.

1. Stay Visible

Visibility – being noticed as a person of competence, confidence and the ability to handle the responsibilities of positions senior to your present one – is essential for career advancement. Simply keeping your head down and doing quality work will not move you up. Use every work-related interaction, whether by email, a messaging app, phone, or video, to present yourself as a person with presence, competence and warmth.

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