Frictionless Relationships? Add a Splash of Superfluidity

Posted on February 14, 2018

Add a Splash of Superfluidity

In this day and age of super heroes, superstores and super stars, I’ve been reflecting on the concept of superfluidity. What is that?  Well, it is slightly cooled helium that becomes a liquid-like matter that is able to do things regular liquids can’t do. Things like dribbling through a non-porous glass, climbing up over the sides of dishes, and remaining motionless when its container spins. In short, a superfluid is a liquid that flows without friction.

Nobel prizes have already been won and scientists are extremely excited as this new form of matter takes shape. I am struck by the idea of flowing without friction and what a difference it would make in terms of our goals, our relationships, our careers. . .our lives.

If you look beyond the science, superfluidity could be perceived as a state of harmony. Think of it as when you are so involved in what you are doing that you completely become one with the endeavor to the point that you step outside of yourself and let the energy itself guide you.  If you are a runner, it lightens your feet and keeps you going.  If you are an inventor, it maintains your curiosity even in the face of continual failures.

With such power, think how much tension we could avoid and how many barriers we could overcome. Continually moving forward with no viscosity to hold us back means we can try new things without negative consequences and bounce new ideas around knowing they will not lose energy over time.

Wouldn’t it be liberating and invigorating to know that we can self-propel into a future full of opportunities and possibilities?  Throughout this new year, consider letting go of so many of the barriers that hold us back; worrying about what other people think, not dedicating enough time to a project, procrastinating and so many more. Add a little splash of superfluidity to each day and let the resulting energy guide you!

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