In addition to our seminars, PNSA provides deep, one-on-one professional coaching in distinct areas which build your overall personal and professional brand.  An employee’s image, etiquette, presentation skills and business savvy are all a direct reflection (either positive or negative) of their personal brand and company.

Unlike technical training, soft skills are often not formally taught within an organization. Yet, in an increasingly competitive business environment, these “soft skills” are what set you or your team apart from the competition.

At PNSA we have recognized that the need for these soft skills exists in  both seasoned professionals and young adults.  We’ve experienced a tremendous amount of success in working with corporate executives and feel strongly that these lessons should begin with our youth.   Just as a career professional has the desire to achieve success by being the best he or she can be, we want our children to experience success early on from learning proper etiquette, to enrolling into the best college, to landing the best jobs.  Our professional coaching programs are designed specifically for the following groups:


  • Image Consultation
  • Etiquette & Protocol
  • Presentation Training
  • Networking Skills
  • Architecture of a Leader
  • Personal Branding