Presentation Training

Presentation TrainingThe fear of public speaking remains a significant inhibitor to success, but it does not need to be! Our program gives a solid foundation of fundamental and advanced skills for preparing and delivering strong presentations. Clients are empowered as we build their personal brand toolbox and better prepare them to effectively convey content to executives and groups of all sizes.

One-on-one or small group training is available and encompasses the following:

  • Identifying needs and objectives
  • Audience evaluation and master planning of environment
  • Powerful introductions and professional greetings
  • Physical awareness
  • Visual communications as an advantage
  • Outlining the presentation
  • Delivery and timing
  • How to rehearse “mental preparation”
  • Energy awareness
  • Answering questions, when to take a break to refresh
  • Breath support and articulation
  • Building presenter confidence
  • Memorization techniques
  • Extemporaneous tools
  • Corporate etiquette of a boardroom presentation
  • Power gestures and their meaning
  • Stage presence (for large audiences)


For more information and a full list of topics, please visit the Keynotes & Workshops section.


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