Etiquette and Protocol

Knowledge of corporate protocol and etiquette creates a distraction-free environment for employees. Meetings run more smoothly and relationships develop more effectively. A lack of knowledge about basic protocol and etiquette makes people feel uncomfortable and dulls their business acumen. Our fresh approach to modern protocol and etiquette makes mastering these sometimes daunting topics engaging and relevant.

Empowering management and high potential employees with a solid foundation in these areas will set them apart and give them confidence to focus on the business of a business dinner or meeting and not worry about the mechanics of protocol. Specialized sessions for employees dealing with business partners around the globe give unique and invaluable insight into important cultural nuances.

These group or individual sessions include, but are not limited to:

  • Standard Business Protocol – Both US and Global
  • Formal Dining Tutorial Covering Place Settings, Posture, Greetings, Toasts, Menu & Place Cards, Table Conversation, Tipping and More
  • Introductions, Receiving Lines, Seating Guidelines and Eye Contact
  • Host and Guest Duties and Expectations
  • Social and Networking Skills
  • Boardroom Protocol
  • Travel and Electronic Communication Etiquette in a Modern Business Culture


For more information and a full list of topics, please visit the Keynotes & Workshops section.


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