Synchronizing Your Brand with Your Organization’s Brand

Professional PresenceWhat is Stacey doing wrong?

Many things make up who we are, or our “Brand”, but Stacey leaves out of her personal life such a significant part of her professional life. Leaving this out is preventing Stacey from cultivating her brand. Also, she isn’t learning the names of people in her community because she isn’t talking with people enough to establish relationships.

Professional PresenceWhat should Stacey do differently?

Stacey is a positive influence at work and yet it sounds as though she has a lot of opportunities to be a great example outside of work. She truly believes in the brand and encourages her employees to lead healthy lifestyles. In her personal life Stacey is very active herself, but she needs to drink the product herself and talk to others about it asking them for feedback.  Additionally, Stacey should look into why they’re serving what they are at the ballpark. Perhaps her company would be interested in sponsoring the team or even the park. At the very least, this is a great place for her to be seen with one of her sports drinks in hand.

Professional PresenceWhat lessons can you apply?

Be proud of what you do and if you’re not, then find out what would make you happy. We are all representatives of the work our companies do and we need to support the effort in everything that we do. In our case study, Stacey is an influencer at work, but she doesn’t embody that spirit outside of the office. Network or talk to people around you sharing YOUR brand with them.


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