Surviving a Performance Review

Professional PresenceWhat did Julie do wrong?

Julie misunderstood what was actually a wonderful opportunity. Instead, she saw the review as an attack. She was determined to close herself off to any of the positive points made seeing them as criticism. She didn’t give her boss a fair chance.

Professional PresenceWhat could Julie have done differently?

Julie should’ve seen the performance review as an opportunity, not necessarily to defend herself, but rather to talk about her experience with the company. She probably had accomplishments that she was proud of, or ideas that she could have shared. She could have returned the boss’s questions about her personal life asking him about what brought him to the company and how he likes working there so far. Instead of getting upset, she should have asked him to clarify what he meant by saying she wasn’t challenging herself. When he accused her of gossiping, she should’ve have considered what it was she was gossiping about. If something is making her and others unhappy, now would have been the time to share that information.

Professional PresenceWhat lessons can you apply?

Performance reviews should be viewed as an opportunity. Often, companies implement reviews so they can ensure open communication with their employees. It shows that they are dedicated to the success of their business and they see their employees as a vital part of that success. They are also a great tool for keeping yourself and your personal goals in check. Ask for criticism. Find out ways you can improve. Perhaps if Julie would have been more open to the process, she would have uncovered that Steve actually thought she might be worthy of a promotion. Keep an open mind and a positive attitude when entering into a performance review to make it a more productive and mutually beneficial meeting. You should walk out with a renewed enthusiasm for your professional success!


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