Running Effective Meetings

Professional PresenceWhat did Brad do well?

Brad did lots of things well! He obviously took the task seriously, was respectful of everyone’s time and ran an effective and efficient meeting. He even handled the curve ball of the surprise guests very well. In the end, the very obvious reason for their presence and the way Brad handled it, made his superiors all the more confident about their choice for the job.

Professional PresenceWhat should management have done?

Brad’s manager should have spoken to the two “drainers” when they arrived uninvited to the meeting. Since they were not on the project, they had no reason to be there. Sitting in that meeting, was not only intentionally confrontational, but also unproductive.

Professional PresenceWhat lessons can you apply?

Always stay calm, cool, and collected when running a meeting. You’ve determined this meeting is valuable, so treat it accordingly and give yourself the respect that you’ve given others when you prepared for the event. There is no reason to let yourself be derailed by unexpected guests – you’ve just got to exhibit the confidence that earned you your seat at the table.


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