Managing Your Personal Life

Professional PresenceWhat did Matt do wrong?

He made a few mistakes. 1) He let himself become the “go to” guy for all extra work others in the office did not want to do. While this can be beneficial to a point, it can quickly get to the point of appearing to be a push over. So, not only are you working 80 hours a week, no one is taking you seriously either. 2) He underestimated the impact that taking on the management of his home would have on his work and rather than developing a plan ahead of time and speaking with senior management, he thought he could just make it all happen magically. 3) After being removed from the key accounts, he initially goes to his boss in anger rather than with a proactive plan.

Professional PresenceWhat did the agency do wrong?

The agency let Matt initially take on more than he should. Although bosses are not mind readers, they should be smart enough to not let too much ride on a single individual for fear of burn out or finding themselves with a huge void should someone choose to leave the organization. Well rounded employees that have a good balance between work and personal lives are almost always the best performers in the long term.

Professional PresenceHow did they both turn things around?

Once there was finally an understanding of what was going on the agency gave Matt the opportunity to work on a plan. They then supported him in a reduction of after hours requirements which ultimately wound up being a good thing for all.

Professional PresenceWhat lessons can you apply?

You have hopefully completed the work/life gap analysis on page and thought of adjustments you need to make. That is a great first step. I would also recommend, however, that you repeat this exercise again every year or so. Situations, both personal and professional do change over time and what works for you and is purposeful now, may not feel that way a couple years down the road.


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