Managing with Hospitality

Professional PresenceWhy didn’t Scott get the promotion to General Manager?

Scott didn’t get the job for a few reasons. Namely, he didn’t manage his team well. There was no training. He would never be fully capable of managing an entire hotel if he didn’t take the time to lead his own team. Since he didn’t take the time to appropriately train his team, mistakes were made which ultimately reflected upon him as a leader. Given he wasn’t a very good leader; he didn’t have his team’s support. Specifically, his team had no direction. Taking on work yourself is fine, but when you take it away from someone, you are stripping them of incentives and likely satisfaction associated with doing their jobs well.  Furthermore, Scott didn’t communicate with his team. The mark of a good leader is one that can train their team so that he or she can move up. In other words, you shouldn’t be scared to train your replacement if you feel confident that it’s time for you to move on with your career. You would want their support, right?

Professional PresenceWhat could Scott have done differently?

Scott should’ve taken the time to train his team so he would be free to manage them properly. He should have taken the time to communicate so they would understand what they were supposed to do. He also should have taken the time to understand what motivated Jessica. Had he done so, he may have uncovered her desire to move up. He then could have even trained her in the position of Front Desk Manager. Perhaps if he had, he would’ve had his replacement as well as his colleague’s support when it came time for him to be considered for a promotion. He would’ve had a team where he was already an established leader.

Professional PresenceWhat lessons can you apply?

Always be considerate of your colleagues and know that how you treat them forms their perception of you. Be clear about what you want and what you expect of others so that there is no confusion on either end. This creates a productive work environment and also contributes to your future success.


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