Knowing Your Team

Professional PresenceWhat happened?

Brenda was complacent. When challenged, she wasn’t interested in learning. This combined with her attempt to negatively influence others around her, led her to stunt her own career.

Professional PresenceWhat could Brenda have done differently?

If she was ready to move up, she should have acted accordingly. She could have taken more initiative to uncover improvements on her own. Once Brenda didn’t get the job, she should have used that opportunity to learn why so she would know more about what she could do the next time a promotion became available. Also, she could have tried to build a relationship with her new boss. Instead of seeing him as a threat, she should have seen him as her ally – the way she saw the people on her team.

Professional PresenceWhat lessons can you apply?

If you are interested in advancing in your career, always work towards your next job. Take on more than you’re given and understand what could be out there for you. Don’t be a bully. This is never a productive use of your time. Instead, work on seeing things through the eyes of your boss. You have both been hired to work toward the success of the company. Also, do your best to take your emotions out of the situation. You may end up hurting yourself, otherwise.


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