Interacting with Colleagues

Professional PresenceWhat did Mary do wrong?

Mary underestimated the thought, time and attention it takes to host a top notch business event in her home. She assumed that since she’d hosted casual gatherings of friends that this would be no big deal. She also got out of her comfort zone in the kitchen and attempted a number of difficult recipes she’d never made before and didn’t give enough thought to the bar. She also did not budget time for herself to relax and dress before everyone got there.

Professional PresenceWhere did the company go wrong?

They assumed that just because the partner who always hosted the party in the past made it seem easy, that it actually was. They should have offered significant guidance, expectations and ideally advised Mary of her ability to use a caterer and other professional assistance.

Professional PresenceWhat could Mary have done differently?

She should have gotten a clearer picture of what had been done in the past and been realistic with herself about what she could really do on her own. Just because the former host of the party liked to do everything on his own, doesn’t mean she was necessarily ready for that.


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