Developing Touchpoint Etiquette

Professional PresenceWhat happened to Kelly’s business?

Kelly possessed the experience to take her career to the next level, but fell short in realizing that it takes a lot of strong relationships to be successful and some that you don’t focus on, can actually be the most detrimental. Kelly had a great restaurant, but without good, quality food, a restaurant cannot survive.

Professional PresenceWhat could Kelly have done differently?

Kelly knew that she was building her professional brand by pleasing the customers she worked for as well as her internal customers, or her staff. She should have been cultivating the same relationships with her vendors. She probably could’ve handled her conversations with her vendors a lot differently. Clearly, though, she didn’t realize their value. People want to be treated fairly and sometimes you may have to adapt to the limits they have. Communicating and understanding these limits is crucial.

Professional PresenceWhat lessons you can apply?

While people may change jobs fairly often, they are less likely to change careers. This means that the likelihood of crossing paths again with people we’ve worked with in the past is fairly high. The people with whom we surround ourselves make us who we are, so how we treat these people is important. Whether or not you work again with people you’ve worked with before, you never know how they might enter again into your life. Someone in your past can be a key to your future. This is why prospective employers ask for references.

So, whether dealing with your boss, your co-workers, your customers or your vendors, make sure you clearly define your expectations. This will ensure open communication and a mutually respectful working relationship. These relationships will add value to your brand for the life of your career.


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