Communicating with Transparency

Professional PresenceWhat did Jonathan do wrong?

Perhaps Jonathan wasn’t a good fit for the company and he was right to leave, however, had he put more effort into his role, he may have gotten more out of it. He let go of an opportunity to grow within an emerging company.

Could Rebecca or Emily have done something differently to change the outcome?  As Jonathan’s boss, Emily should have given Jonathan more direction and feedback. She was accustomed to a natural work flow with Emily, so she didn’t see that taking the initiative wasn’t exactly Jonathan’s strength. Once she began noticing that Jonathan was having problems she should have given him the opportunity to explain himself, by simply talking to him. Rebecca, being Emily’s boss, could have noticed the problems that they were having and addressed them as well. Both Emily and Rebecca missed out on an opportunity to offer Jonathan coaching instead allowing a potentially talented employee unsatisfied.

Professional PresenceWhat could Jonathan have done differently?

Jonathan should’ve been more honest with his boss. Emily thrived because she communicated openly with her boss, but Jonathan gossiped to his friends instead. He also neglected to take initiative. Rather than going above and beyond or finding new ways to help out, he did merely what was asked of him and without a sense of urgency. Finally, if he was dissatisfied with the amount he was paid, he should’ve had that conversation with Emily. Perhaps there could be established an incentive for a pay increase or more work he could’ve taken on had he just asked.

Professional PresenceWhat lessons can you apply?

Always look for opportunities to make your boss’s life easier. They hired you for a reason – they needed help! The more of this you can offer, the more valuable you’ll be to your employer.

Positioning yourself this way can not only pay off later in your career, but it can also make the work experience more satisfying. So understand expectations, always complete assignments on time, stay organized, anticipate needs rather than simply reacting, go above and beyond and speak your mind!


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