Discovering the Power of Poise

Professional PresenceWhy didn’t Bob purchase the equipment from Jim?

Too often, people get nervous in the presence of other people who don’t act exactly the same way they’re acting. Jim was intimidated and he, therefore, experienced a “quiet panic”. This prevented him from carrying out the full sales process. This example illustrates the powerful effect that body language has on others, as well as its role in how people perceive you. Unfortunately, we cannot control others or read their minds, so we simply must adjust.

Professional PresenceWhat did Jim do wrong?

Rather than listening, Jim made an assumption. He didn’t take the time to understand the needs of the client prior to their meeting. He didn’t understand who his client was. Of course we would love to have everyone act in a way that makes us feel comfortable, but Jim failed to do anything to help Bob feel comfortable.

Professional PresenceWhat could Jim have done differently?

Jim should have allowed Bob the opportunity to talk. Had he uncovered his client’s needs beforehand he may have understood that Bob did, in fact, need new copiers! Furthermore, Jim could have made conversation with Bob to make him feel comfortable. Never forget that people typically enjoy talking about themselves. Just by asking Bob questions about himself, Jim may have developed a better understanding of his personality and even learned perhaps, that Bob was simply having a bad day. During his pitch, Jim could have established a better connection with Bob, had he stopped to ask for agreement or feedback. Again, we are not mind readers and people generally do not expect us to be!

Professional PresenceWhat lessons can you can apply?

Whenever you are entering into a new situation, be prepared. This includes not only knowing your product or what you’re going to say, but also knowing your client. Be prepared to make others feel comfortable by asking them questions so that you can learn about them. Also, follow up with people. Timeliness is extremely important as well. Follow up quickly after a sales call and continue to check in as needed. People often have a lot of options when they’re choosing who they’ll buy from, so continue to cultivate the relationships you have with people whether they’re prospective clients, colleagues, or vendors.



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