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Professional Presence: A Four-Step Guide to Building Your Personal BrandProfessional Presence: A Four-Part Guide to Building Your Personal Brand

If you hope to move up in the business world, Professional Presence can help. It delivers a step-by-step program to developing the social skills you need for career advancement. The four-part learning process focuses on business etiquette, personal brand development, professional presentation, and people skills. By following the exercises in the book, you can learn crucial behavioral strategies, from how to give a successful presentation to how to dress appropriately and align personal and professional goals. Imaginative pro scenarios offer powerful thought lessons for applying these skills.

A note from the author

So many employees wait to be tapped on the shoulder for promotion, or they think that the HR department is well versed in their personal brand and will seek them out, only to find themselves stalled in their careers. It’s time for you to take charge. Learn the techniques of professional presence, and you can build the personal brand that will take you to the top.

In summary, it is my greatest hope that the skills in this book will lead you to building an effective personal brand. Embrace the model of human protocol in your dealings with people to fully move into the direction of building relationships with your boss, managers, peers and staff.


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