Architecture of a Leader

The model for our PNSA brand is steeped in architecture as we use the image of a spiral to illustrate our philosophy.  Since ancient times, the spiral has represented many things: the conscious energy force within all living things; the core of people and place; man’s essence or soul; and the desirable middle between the two extremes of excess and lack.  To us the spiral reflects our vision of Building the ARCHITECTURE of Image.

Continuing these longstanding philosophies, we assist our clients in achieving their highest goals: becoming more conscious of who they are, the realization of the potential in their lives or environments. This broad presentation focuses on the essence of what it takes to be successful in today’s corporate environment.  This presentation speaks to everyone interested in thoughtfully managing their career from new college graduates to current leaders.  Architecture of a Leader includes the following:

  • Understanding the new leadership model
  • Why leadership models have evolved
  • P4 Process™ foundation
  • Understanding the employee training lifecycle
  • Ten key aspects of leadership development
  • Impression management – creating a distraction free environment
  • Developing the next generation of leaders
  • Leaving your leadership legacy


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