They Are Women, Hear Them Pour: 2018 “Siposium” Steers Even More Women to Bourbon

By all counts, the fifth annual Bourbon Women’s “Siposium” was a rousing success. Approximately 200 women from 23 states and Canada came together in Louisville to teach, learn and celebrate all things Bourbon. And the focus was clearly on how to bring even more women into the fold. Far beyond the requisite (and much appreciated and enjoyed) tips, tours, sips and basic sharing of experiences, this year’s “Siposium” took a deep dive into the ever evolving relationship between Bourbon and women – and how central women are to the category’s success.

Chefs Deb Paquette and Ouita Michel spoke on their role in pairing Bourbon and food. Maker’s Mark’s Victoria Samuels detailed her history in the industry. And former Beam Suntory Senior Vice President and Global Marketing Officer Rebecca Messina made a point of targeting women as she described in her keynote address her company’s quest to make Bourbon the “world’s whiskey.”

Louisville Courier-Journal food and lifestyle columnist Dana McMahan put it this way in her wrap-up story, “Throughout the panels and discussions and tastings, and over dinner at Bourbon Women founder Peggy Noe (Stevens)’s house, the theme ran as clear as new make: these women are voracious learners of all things bourbon and passionate advocates for introducing their friends and family to our native spirit. From novice enthusiast to master distiller, they were all there to learn from one another and share their passion.”

Bourbon Women looks forward with its members to creating further opportunities for women to engage with, and help to shape, the industry for which they share such a passion.


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