How do you choose where to invest your charitable dollars?

As the height of bourbon season winds down, the holiday season starts to shift into gear. While no one minds receiving (I might have a bottle or two of something special on my list…), the holidays are a special time for giving, and charities, nonprofits and philanthropies all make a big push for donations towards the end of the year. As a business owner, corporate executive or community member, there just may be some strong and strategic reasons to heed that call. Charitable giving can be a powerful marketing tool while also benefiting a cause that is meaningful to you.

Most of us give to charity for one of three reasons: a basic sense of philanthropy; to support a cause we’re passionate about or that aligns well with our company’s mission; or as part of an overall marketing strategy. The perfect partnership can and should satisfy all three.

So how do you choose where to invest your charitable dollars? First, take a look at your personal passion, the mission of your business or work and where the two intersect. It could be in healing and health care, veterans’ issues, arts, the environment or child advocacy, just to name a few.

For PNSA, it is education. Since our business relies on critical thinking, creativity and staying current on trends and events, we wanted to support an organization that focuses on getting students ready for the challenges of college and advanced forms of education by providing a strong foundation in the basics as well as encouraging creativity and problem solving. Here in Louisville, we found the complete package in the Catholic Education Foundation (CEF), an organization that provides funding for tuition assistance for young children.

Along with contributing our PNSA donation, we also have the knowledge that we could be inspiring others to explore the possibility of following in our footsteps. As CEF President Rich Lechleiter so kindly noted, “We were so lucky to meet Peggy. When people like Peggy step up and make a difference in people’s lives, it is out of a sense of commitment. When they share that commitment with others, it encourages those folks to step up and become a donor, too.” 

In short, when you consider charitable giving as part of your community relations mix, you will receive just as much, if not more, than you give. That’s certainly true for all of us at PNSA.


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