Peggy Presents on Leadership at Presentation Academy High School

PresentationAcademyLogoRecently, Peggy Noe Stevens presented her popular new program, FYI (Finding Your Impact), to the ladies in the Junior class at Presentation Academy High School.

The ladies really seemed to gain a lot out of having Peggy speak on leadership skills as indicated in their beautiful letters of thanks.  Some of the quotes included the following:

“….Because of you, I stand straighter and my confidence seems to be boosting.  Thank you for your time, it really made an impact.”

“Your speech has helped to raise my self-esteem.  Not only did I focus on my good qualities but I also got to create a visual representation of who I am and who I hope to become.  I really like that person, and as a teenage girl that really means a lot!”

“What you spoke to us about was very important and crucial for us to know and use in life, now and in the future.  In fact, I will be using some of that information tonight.  I have a job interview and I am really confident about it because of what you taught about interview skills. “

Thanks to you, ladies of Presentation, and to the school for having Peggy!


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