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New Year, New You: 4 Tips & Stylish Ways to Organize Your Office

Stylish Desk Organizers from Sister Parish

Making Your Office Work Whether you tidy up after each workday or not, your office can become a graveyard for things you don’t really need to do your job – that 2012 directory, old “to-do” lists, pens with no ink, pencils with no erasers, bills that have been paid, bills that have not been paid…you get … Continue Reading

Louisville Coffee Talk: Communication

January 30, 8 am ET: Louisville Coffee Talk @ The Oliver Group Scott Kiefer of The Oliver Group and Peggy Noe Stevens of Peggy Noe Stevens & Associates will be presenting this Coffee Talk on Effective Communication:  Consistency in Delivering a Powerful Message. Scott and Peggy will be discussing aspects of communication that go beyond the basics we … Continue Reading

Starting a new job? Tips on gaining respect…

Your Business in 2013: 3 Tips for Crafting Your Personal Brand Strategy

Do you have a personal brand strategy?   We spend countless hours in our world organizing and strategizing for our clients, our employers, our family, etc.  We complain of our long work hours and personal obligations which leave little time for crafting our own business strategies; however, thinking strategically and planning is the core of your … Continue Reading


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