Posts for October 2012

Personal Branding Lessons from the Presidential Debates

Although we’re led to believe the presidential debates are simply a forum for candidates to express their beliefs and policy ideas, much of what you hear from the candidates is pre-planned and rehearsed. In short, a lot of what you see can be chalked up to branding. When it comes to personal branding, both verbal … Continue Reading

New Jim Beam Experience…!!!!

The PNSA team is proud to have served in an image branding role overseeing the conception and creation of  the JIM BEAM AMERICAN STILLHOUSE.  We worked closely with the executives, brand managers, architects, experiential design firm, contractors and operations team to ensure the entire consumer experience including visitor center, tour path, tasting venue and retail … Continue Reading

Hire for Personality, then Train for Skill

In sales, do you hire for personality or experience and skill?  See what the Harvard Business Review says…

Mirror, Mirror | Getting a leg up

Leggings – those skin-tight hosiery/pant hybrids – are back in a big way, along with a list of very visual potential fashion disasters. 8:20 PM, Sep 28, 2012 Written by Christine Fellingham We’ve all stood behind her in the checkout line. The curvier lady who’s wearing skimpy leggings with an outrageous VPL (that’s a “visible … Continue Reading


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